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Component and electric vehicle production in NRW in line with the needs of medium-sized companies

The KMUProduction.NET research project pursued the overarching goal of enabling small and medium-sized enterprises from NRW to produce components, electric vehicles and small vehicles. By positioning the research project in the environment of the StreetScooter electric vehicle innovation platform, practice-oriented solutions were developed in the areas of bodywork, battery, chassis and outer skin, thus sustainably strengthening the competences of the project partners for the future-oriented field of electric mobility. The chosen approach focused on the integrated development of product and process modules in the field of electromobility. In this way, the research project strengthens the perception of NRW as a centre of competence for electromobility.

IBG was sustainably involved in the "Battery" sub-project, which dealt with the development of a scalable and variable production system. This should enable the series production of battery packs at low investment costs. A central component of the project was the development of a semi-automated production system for the assembly and functional testing of battery packs. In addition to the desire for a high level of process reliability, the focus was on variability, so that different battery packs with different cell types can be produced with the same system with short changeover times.

Both the concept development of a battery pack designed for the series process and the development of a cost-effective and scalable production process were successfully implemented. A product and a production demonstrator were set up for validation. Valuable experience was gained in this process.

The knowledge gained in this project represents an important basis for the development of battery systems that are to be manufactured with the help of an automated plant.

Cooperation partner in the "Batteries" sub-project

  • Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL) der RWTH Aachen
  • IBG Automation GmbH
  • IBG Robotronic GmbH
  • STAC
  • StreetScooter
  • Air Energy
  • Institut für Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe der RWTH Aachen (iSEA)