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streetscooter - Realisation of a new manufacturing concept for series production and new development of electric vehicles by IBG
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Realisation of a new manufacturing concept for series production and new development of electric vehicles

The Streetscooter is a successful vehicle of its kind in the new vehicle class "Short Distance Vehicle (SDV)".

In times of climate change and rapidly rising petrol prices, the demand for more energy-efficient and ecological vehicles is increasing.

IBG participated at an early stage in an R&D project at RWTH Aachen University to realise a new manufacturing concept for the series production and new development of electric vehicles, in particular the Streetscooter project. This breaks the "vicious circle" of small quantities in order to be successful in the long term.

The goal of this R&D project was to develop a production-ready and emission-free e-mobile that offers the user real added value and is to be made accessible to the mass market as a short-range solution.

The concept offers the customer a cost-effective, economically efficient and compact e-transport vehicle as an alternative to conventional vehicles with combustion engines. The Streetscooter stands out especially in urban traffic.

Above all, companies that are active in the e.g. letter and parcel delivery sector benefit. The Streetscooter has already fully met Deutsche Post's expectations with the corresponding box body of equipment, load capacity and safety standards. In particular, the total cost of ownership (TCO) shows a clear economic advantage. In the meantime, Deutsche Post has taken over Streetscooter GmbH and there are already 1,000 Streetscooters in use. In the short term, the production of a further 10,000 Streetscooters is planned.

Above all, the Streetscooter offers sustainable economic advantages for the 200 or so stops and journeys caused by daily deliveries.

Customised small series are made possible by short development times and low investment costs.

As a system supplier to leading car manufacturers and an active partner, IBG provided the project with innovative technologies and know-how, thus investing not only in the present, but above all in the future.