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By definition, an industrial robot is a universal, programmable machine for handling, assembling or processing workpieces. It is intended for use in an industrial environment and is an integral part of automation technology. After programming, the robot is able to carry out a work process autonomously and precisely.

Industrial robots are used in many areas of production such as joining technology or assembly technology.

System robot

IBG develops and designs innovative robot modifications and processes for customer-specific applications and requirements. For example, a robot for tight installation spaces with short forward and backward cycle times was implemented for the dismantling of nuclear power plants. For this purpose, an industrial robot specially designed for this task with an extended arm made of CFRP was designed based on the wealth of experience in the field of CFRP gripping systems and CFRP processing.

Robotics - System robots Robotics and system robotics for installation spaces with short forward and backward cycle time by IBG
Process chaining

The linking of individual production processes ensures, above all, an internal flow of goods and the avoidance of unnecessary storage and downtimes.

By using existing production systems and integrating new components and technologies, such as a 6-axis industrial robot, the focus is primarily on economical and more efficient production.

Robotics - Robotics Automation technology for autonomous and precise workflows for process optimisation by IBG
Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC)

Human-robot collaboration is used for joint use of a workspace without separating protective devices for humans and robots. The NXT LEVEL human-robot collaboration serves to (ergonomically) improve the workplace of the future and meets the requirements of smart technologies. It can be used wherever a lot of manual work with heavy or repetitive activities is required and high quality requirements are made. The robot can make "independent" decisions, carry out secondary activities or go on standby, so that it optimizes its work performance.

HRC on participation in working life

Together with the Landschaftsverbänden Westfalen (LWL) and Rheinland (LVR), IBG has developed an HRC solution for participation in working life. Equipped with a "sensitive" robot arm, a workpiece - in this case a car - can be assembled at the workstation. The robot supports the human in this process. After assembly, a quality control is carried out using an optical system.

Robotics - Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) combines human manual labour with automation through the use of smart technologies from IBG
Mobile robotics - automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Thanks to the modular structure, the AGV from IBG can be flexibly adapted to your special logistics tasks. Our AGV can communicate with robots and automation systems and is extremely flexible in adapting to spatial conditions through autonomous, safe movements. Various solutions are available for navigation, from track-guided navigation to free navigation including avoiding obstacles.

With the help of our AGV, your internal processes are supported and the material flow is made more efficient. Whether small, medium or large goods to be transported - there are no limits to individualisation. Our semi-automated and autonomous solutions contribute to the optimal linking of your workplaces or your work steps.

Logistics / Automated Guided Vehicles - FC 450 for automatic transport of drive-less load carriers with lifting bolts from IBG
Moving Technology

In addition to the "traditional" solutions of the automation industry, we also develop robot-supported systems in the field of entertainment for advertising purposes.

Moving Technology combines the creative use of media with industrial robots to create inspiring moments by combining innovation, technology and emotion. It can be adapted to the place, the circumstances, the purpose and the budget. IBG stages your advertising spectacularly and supports, for example, your trade fair appearances or other events. Industrial robots "carry" large LED surfaces or televisions - depending on the application. The individual screens can be moved in three dimensions.

Robotics - Moving Technology is creative media use with industrial robots the new dimension in digital signage for events and corporate communication from IBG

One of the core competences of IBG is the use of robots from all leading manufacturers as well as the development of complex, individual user software and its commissioning with its own staff.

Technology fields and solutions

As a general contractor, IBG offers various industries a comprehensive range of services in the areas of process automation, robot systems, logistics and service. All competences are combined in-house. Get an overview of our technology fields here:

Do you have any questions and would you like individual advice? Contact us about your individual solution. Our experts are happy to help you. Our solutions are individually developed for you and serve to increase the efficiency of your production.