The world's first automation system for reliable assembly

The automated assembly of retaining rings poses a challenge to technical systems in many respects. In order to increase efficiency and ensure assembly accuracy, it can be used in various manufacturing processes. Due to the different diameters of the retaining rings and the constantly varying position of the hole pattern, process-reliable automatic assembly was previously not possible.

With the robot-controlled assembly system developed by IBG, it is now possible for the first time to assemble retaining rings with different geometries automatically, reliably and precisely.

Advantages for automated production
  • Identification of the hole pattern by a camera system
  • Intelligent gripping through adaptive gripper
  • Servo motor controlled expansion of the safety rings
  • Controlled release and stripping of the safety rings with position monitoring
  • Designed for inner and outer safety rings

With the assembly system developed on behalf of the customer, we have managed to increase production speed, improve the consistency and quality of the customer's process, minimise human error and thus increase the efficiency of our customer's production lines.