Customised grippers for a wide range of tasks in industrial production

A screw gripper with force and torque monitoring is a device or tool used to grip, hold or turn screws. This screwdriving tool can have different shapes and sizes and is normally used when screws need to be tightened or loosened in hard-to-reach areas or in situations with limited space.

Thanks to our specific know-how and many years of experience in the realisation of assembly and production systems in almost all areas of industry, IBG has become a specialist in application-specific gripping technology for a wide variety of tasks.

Examples of applications are:

Automatic seat rail screw connection

A 6-axis robot with six screwdriving systems fixes the seat rails mounted in the interior from below and then screws them to the body using electric screwdriving spindles integrated in the robot gripper. The movement of the robot is synchronised with the vehicle's conveyor system.

Front-end assembly

Manual front-end assembly is replaced by an automatic process. A gripper takes over the insertion of the assemblies with a fixture and is additionally equipped with screwdrivers. In order to record the exact position of the body before the joining process, a measuring system is installed on the gripper, which measures the position of the bulkhead plates in the axes and forwards the correction data to the robot.

Assembly technology - front end assembly fully automatic bolting and assembly of the front end in flow operation by IBG
Wheel assembly

The robots are equipped with grippers, each with two independent camera systems for detecting wheel type, position, rotational orientation as well as pick-up height. The detection with a software specially developed by IBG. After gripping the wheel, the spatial position and rotational orientation of the wheel hub are detected. With the correction values from the vision system, the synchronous bolting of the wheels to the vehicle movement takes place.

Assembly technology - wheel assembly fully automatic bolting and assembly of complete wheels in cycle and flow operation by IBG

We find the right screwdriving gripper for every customised task. The choice of the right tool depends on the type of screw, the environment and the production-specific requirements. Screwdriving grippers from IBG are useful tools for making work with screws in industrial production more efficient and precise.