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Seat rail assembly

Successful and efficient seat rail assembly using industrial robotics

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Seat rail bolting in flow operation with impressive precision and safety

Following the milestones of automatic wheel assembly and automatic front-end assembly in flow operation, IBG is further expanding its technological leadership in industrial vehicle final assembly. With the world's first automatic seat rail bolting in flow operation, another technological innovation was created by our company.

Using a 6-axis robot and an industrial gripper equipped with six screwdriving systems, the seat rails fitted in the interior are fixed from below. The screws are then attached to the body using an electric screwdriver spindle integrated into the robot gripper. The movement of the robot is synchronised with the vehicle's conveyor system. To record the exact position of the body before the screwing process, a sensor system that measures the body and forwards the correction data to the robot is also installed on the gripper. In order to recognise the position and number of bolts on the vehicle, a sequence check of the vehicle is carried out before assembly.