Precise control, flexible settings and sustainable increase in system utilisation

The IBG servo press is designed as a semi-automatic or fully automatic joining module and can be easily integrated into machines or systems. A servo press is a machine used in the manufacturing industry for moulding, cutting, bending or similar processes of materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, etc. It is mainly used in the production of metal parts for various industries, including the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

Key facts
  • Semi- or fully automatic joining module with variable force and variable stroke
  • Range of application individually adaptable to requirements
  • Servo motorised spindle press
  • Small installation space, finely defined and monitored linear forces
  • Press-in force accuracy of up to 1.0%
  • Customisable, intuitive PC-based control system
  • Integration in machines or systems
Technical data

Pressing force: 3.000 N

Measuring device force: DMS Ring force sensor

Measuring device Accuracy class: 0,1 %

Measuring device Useful force: 250 mm

Tare weight: 60 kg

Control voltage: 24 V DC

Operating ambient temperature: +10 °C bis +40 °C

Interface control: Profinet

Control: PC based (cycle related)

Protection type: IP54


Electrical power Ø: 450 W

Electrical power peak: 1150 W

Electrical connection: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phases, PE

Max. Speed: 2,5 m⁄s

The main feature of our servo press is the use of a servo control system to precisely control the force, speed and position of the ram (or ram) of the press. This allows a high degree of flexibility in the forming process, as the parameters can be precisely adapted to the specific production requirements. By simply switching the measuring range and measuring programme, the IBG servo press makes it possible to produce different components on one and the same machine. This ensures a sustainable increase in plant utilisation and economical operation in the long term.