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Storage and retrieval machines

Optimum process capability using a special system to increase industrial processes

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Efficient interlinking of intralogistics production steps for handling individual components

In intralogistics warehousing, efficient, internal flows of goods are the most important prerequisite for an optimised process. On behalf of a customer, IBG designed and developed a specialised system geared towards optimum process capability, which ensures the flexible linking of production, assembly, order picking and interim storage of individual components in a high-bay warehouse.

Our storage and retrieval system for automated logistics storage enables the reliable linking of individual production steps for the handling and interim storage of individual components within the customer's own intralogistics system. In the customer's production process, for example, workpieces are placed in storage containers by a servomotor-driven shuttle after injection moulding and then transported to an interim storage facility. The shuttle moves both vertically and horizontally to store the small load carriers, loaded with the product components, in the specified position.

As a general contractor, we combine all competences in-house and offer all manufacturing industries customised production and logistics solutions - innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient.