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Investigational product storage

Modernisation of a state-of-the-art investigational medicinal product warehouse during ongoing operations

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Fully automated process capability through the use of robotics and specialised systems

As a general contractor, IBG is modernising a state-of-the-art test specimen warehouse during ongoing operations. The four existing fully automated storage and retrieval machines, rack pre-zones, buffer storage and process stations are being modernised and extended by two additional aisles. The challenges posed by the customised system developed by IBG are manifold:

  • Ensuring absolute process reliability
  • Fully automatic, computer-controlled loading and unloading of the test specimens
  • System-side, seamless control of all movements in the warehouse

The automatic inspection processes prior to processing are crucial for an efficient production process.

An investigational medicinal product blister, which also contains the requested investigational medicinal product, is automatically removed from the shelf by an automatic storage and retrieval unit and transferred to a workpiece carrier transport system. This feeds the blister to the automatic removal system. The requested preparation is removed from the preparation blister by a robot, scanned, automatically uncapped and weighed to the nearest milligram. Only then is it made available to the laboratory technician. When the investigational medicinal product is returned and stored, it is again scanned, the remaining weight is measured and automatically sealed with a new lid before being placed back in a free space in the warehouse.