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Welding robots improve the efficiency, quality and safety of welding processes

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Automated welding as an industry-independent joining technology in industrial production

Automated welding is used in many industries. Various methods of this joining process (e.g. laser welding or MIG/MAG welding) are used in different industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and other areas of industrial production. Above all, automated welding makes it possible to reduce the number of reworking steps and creates opportunities to improve the efficiency, quality and safety of welding work.

Advantages of automated welding
  • Precision: automated welding systems produce very precise and even weld seams
  • Productivity: automated welding machines can work around the clock
  • Safety: reduction of hazardous tasks and improvement of workplace safety
  • Repeatability: the same weld seams can be created repeatedly and accurately

IBG developed a customised automatic cell for welding several individual parts for various welded assemblies. In the first production step on the customer side, a worker selects the variant to be produced on the control panel, equips the system with the appropriate fixtures and inserts the individual line, then confirms that it has been inserted completely and correctly on the control panel. In the subsequent process, the individual parts are automatically clamped and precisely synchronised in the robot's work area, which then carries out the automatic welding process. Finished parts are removed by the worker and new individual parts are reinserted.